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The Calculator

The main idea: in order not to keep all the numbers (amount of markers, houses, shock etc.) in your head when planning the attack, you can enter them into the calculator, and it will calculate everything. Also the calculator may show the maximum damage you can cause by the gunboat.

About the Website

I am not the webmaster, that’s why the website and its code are not perfect. I hope that most of you use Google Chrome or Safari browsers. Screen resolution 1024×768 should be sufficient. Cookies and JavaScript are used so that the website can function normally. Such definitions as LVL, gunboat energy and percentage given by the Statues are remembered, and there is no need to enter them twice. The site performs its main function "Calc" correctly on all gadgets (including smartphones and tablet PCs) and browsers. The only thing that graphic elements may be located not in their original places.

The future of the site

I have more ideas about what can be added to the website, and how to improve it. If there is a big interest towards this project I will surely deal with updates. At the same time I will be always welcoming feedback and new ideas. I will be looking forward to Your letters – please use the feedback form on our website.