calcabout as

Gunboat energy
 1=3 nrg
The energy, that
you get in a fight
Quantity of tanks
Quantity of scorcher
  Barrage Artillery Shock bomb Flare Smokescreen Medkit Critters
LVL   Barrage: % of its value
Sum of damage
Quantity of shot

Maximum damage caused by the gunboat.
Don't forget to mention the amount of tanks, flares and etc. you need.

Unused gbe






Statues Boosted?



Quantity (save)    



One unit's health  
Damage from all the units
per second



Damage from all the units
per shot/hit
Will be destroyed
approx. in ... seconds




The calculator takes into account 86,6% of its value (but you can change it). As we all know the barrage shoots unpredictably causing varying damage. If you shoot 10 times, then 5 shots will have the value of 86%, four the value of 93%, and one the value of 100%. But it does not mean that this will be always like this, everything depends on luck. It is possible that all 10 shots can have value of 86%. Tests were conducted on buildings with dimensions 3x3 cells. Please consider this!


Will be destroyed...

Time required to destroy a building. An approximate time is shown because not all the units come out to firing positions simultaneously; some unit starts its attack earlier, and some unit later. The most precise time is shown for warriors who begin their attack after the smoke screen fades away. Nevertheless, knowing the approximate time may be useful when attacking powerful bases (over 200 000 hp).